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Phenix Influence offers you presential and distance training based on our modules developed during our 10 years of experience. We offer you a custom-made training, according to your schedule, because we do not conceive this development without adapting ourselves to the needs of each one.

Our method, recognized by many professionals, is based on a face-to-face contact or by videoconference.

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In constantly changing environment, a good understanding of management issue is an essential key of success. In order to regroup efficiency and teamwork, Phenix influence offers the following training program:

> Analysis of different managerial methods and its impact on team;
> Development of manager rights and responsibilities;
> Association between development benefits and employee accompanying;
> Implementation of motivational management in order to get the very best out of your team.

To build healthy relationships within your team as well as to meet business goals, we propose you to do motivational management at the same time with stress management training.


“Men are disturbed not by things, but by the views which they take of them.” Epictetus Assertiveness is a technique of cognitive and behavioral sciences with the aim to improve social wealth and therefore the ability of personal goal achievement. The main purpose of this training is to bring together sincere, efficient and direct expression of what we really think, what we really want and what we really feel regarding to fear of confrontation.

This module regroups :
> Interpersonal Relationship Analysis;
> Analysis of tools;
> Practical implementation of problematic or difficult situation.

Brand Ambassador / Sales technique

A product isn´t the essential tool to find out, whether your business is profitable. The essence lies in service that is closely linked to that product. In order to build client loyalty is crucial to know the way how them surprise, amaze and attract.

The creation of this relationship doesn´t indispensably comes from the nature and nowadays it became a subject of learning. Phenix influence developed a module with the objective to build a confidence atmosphere between your services and your clienteles.

This module contains 4 essential sale phases :
> Point of sale control with focus on stock, products and employee´s objective;
> Reception by analyzing of employee attitude and its way of being in order to link ambiance and client;
> Sale technique via client need analysis as well as sale client support;
> After sale service and customer relationship management.

The behavioral coaching

To find out a favorable connection between yourself, surrounding and other humans is a key factor to become successful in life. We can make a maximum effort but we are not able to control more that third of a process for success building. In order to improve efficiency of business, it´s more than essential to understand its operation mode. Taking into account our proper behavior, we can accustom our way of communication and thereby improve team productivity.

This module regroups:
> Identification of sign recognitions;
> Positive communication knowledge;
> Knowledge within the basic NLP rules;
> Identification of your strengths, ways of improvement and psychological games;
> Identification of psychological profile regarding interlocutors;
> Efficient way of communication with different profiles.


An act of negotiation is becoming a daily routine whether with our employees, our partners or our customers. Subsequently, it´s also important to build well-balanced and constructive process of relationship. Thanks to our modules you will have an opportunity to find out and improve the most efficient way of negotiation and so in any situation.

This module bring together : > Understanding of different negotiation techniques;
> Balanced power measurement during your exchange;
> Argument preparation; > Body language analysis;
> Practical implementation in order to handle a conflict situation;
> The implementation of “how to reach an agreement with your interlocutor”

Skills assessment

Sometimes we have a need to identify our professional capacities and draw a curate picture of how we are doing. The reason is clear; to project our future in more efficient way. In order to meet (serve) your best interest, it´s important to understand methods and techniques of self-evaluation.

This module regroups :
> Technical analysis in order to develop project training or career counseling;
> Different aspects of “good evaluation” ;
> Practical implementation in order to identify a constructive view.

Communication training

The communication has an important place within our professional and career development. A good understanding the issues relating to, and appropriate language application are crucial whether for external or intern environment. According to the quote of Grégory Bateson “ Everything is communication: it is impossible not to communicate”.

This module consists :
> Definition of communication plan;
> Techniques to enhance a decision-words;
> Non-verbal communication analysis;
> Implementation in order to communicate comfortably and regarding any difficult situation.

Personal development / Management of change

The change often causes a resistant reaction and has resulted into the loss of our existing perception. In order to engage every actor, it´s imperative to understand how to motivate, how to turn fear into a challenge as well as how to reassure people around you.

This module consists:
> Behavioral analysis in changing environment;
> Accompanying techniques cope with change;
> Global communication challenge with respect to change.

Understanding and managing conflicts at work

It´s not simple to manage a conflict situation in a working environment and exactly this issue could also affect our working efficiency. When a conflict once appears, it´s important to take one step back and analyze the situation. However, disagreements are inevitable and so they should be considered as factors of progress rather than failure.

This module includes :
> Analytical tools for decrypting symptomatic conflict behavior;
> Different tools for decoding different tension types;
> Intervention methods and techniques for a dispute resolution;
> Practical implementation in order to understand of various conflict situations.

Ready to wear Training, Made to measure, Bespoke

The bespoke tailor (Men, woman, Children) is more than an art. It´s a philosophy which is transmitted, a heritage that becomes a true savoir-vivre. Phenix Influence offers exactly this valuable and very rare combination of culture and knowledge. Due to an incredible expansion in recent years, “bespoke” business has become ultra-competitive.

Facing to increasingly demanding connoisseurs, it´s crucial to find a proper place on the market and offer a high quality product; the global production of pieces with sleeves, shirts, accessories, leather goods, all associated with a graph service. Generally, we consider 3 families of production; Ready to wear, Made to Measure and Bespoke.

This module include a personalize analysis based on the segment :
> Philosophy;
> Style and creation;
> Manufacturing;
> Technical information;
> After Sales Service and Customer Relationship Management.

Business plan

Any project requires a formal presentation whether in substance or in form. This is the reason why the Booklet creation is so important. The booklet has to be always understandable for your interlocutors and to keep the manner of a thesis: a name, an abstract, summary, identified selections that are easy to read as well as precise and described contents in professional language.

This module regroups following steps :
> Your project presentation;
> Financial data analysis;
> Operation account analysis;
> Bank project presentation with an eye to bank loan.

Recruitment coaching

Business growth and development is nowadays influenced by strategy to attract and keep customers. Phenix Influence helps you to meet this challenge. Always attentive to your needs, whether on the national or international level, Phenix influence helps you succeed in your recruiting process.

This module includes :
> Adaptation between business needs and customizing recruitment;
> Knowledge about the candidate´s quality and limitations;
> New guidelines in order to enhance your objectives.

Management and Stress Management

Le stress est un des principaux facteurs mettant à mal notre rythme de vie et notre efficacité professionnelle. Il peut en résulter une baisse de performance significative et une multiplication de conflits au The stress, one of the primary factors that could easily disharmony our life rhythm as well as our professional efficiency. The stress can cause a significant drop in performance as well as a conflict multiplication within your team. To possess knowledge and skills to manage this situation is therefore essential in order to build a peaceful and prosperous environment.

This module includes :
> Methods to convert the stress into force;
> Tools to transform fear of failure into extra motivation;
> Parallel analysis between management and stress;
> Techniques of stress prevention.
The stress, one of the primary factors that could easily disharmony our life rhythm as well as our professional efficiency. The stress can cause a significant drop in performance as well as a conflict multiplication within your team. To possess knowledge and skills to manage this situation is therefore essential in order to build a peaceful and prosperous environment.

This module includes:
· Methods to convert the stress into force;
· Tools to transform fear of failure into extra motivation;
· Parallel analysis between management and stress;
· Techniques of stress prevention.

Team building

The importance of group cohesion has a significant meaning within professional universe. By team work we can achieve sets goal more efficiently than by an individual work. This module allows each member to find its own place within team but also exploit strengths mutually.

This module includes :
> Methods that mobilize team around the key values;
> Techniques to overcome the entrenched interests and to make the common enthusiasm grown;
> Team unification technique for the purpose to reach goal.

Watchmaking training : The basic

Watchmaking is a whole universe that combines expertise, technological prowess, aesthetics and history. If timepieces are often perceived as both an investment and a value of art is above all due to their mechanisms. They come from manufacturers with undeniable expertise and for true enthusiasts. Phenix Influence proposes you to gain technological knowledge in order to better satisfy the curiosity of your clients and enhance the client experience. Watchmaking beyond pure aesthetics, is essential to be able to describe the parts from a technical point of view also. This training is mostly theoretical. Simulation exercises and role plays will be organized so that students can develop the technical and aesthetic presentation protocol of the timepieces and share the legacy of your House for an emotional customer experience and rich content.

This module will address four topics:
> mechanical watches, types and components;
> Electronic watches;
> Watch-making techniques;
> Technical principles.

Luxury brand management

The luxury sector is one of the few areas where the brand and branding is as important as the product, if not more. Buying a Deluxe room is not limited to the product as such. The experience, the universe, the brand are all components that make this purchase exceptional. This is brand DNA that must be present at all times, both in an email and face to a client. It is therefore necessary to hold the keys of the dynamism of a luxury brand, to increase the visibility of your brand and your sales performance by valuing your brand, to conquer and retain an increasingly demanding clientele.

This training is based on the following points:
> Understanding the concept of brand and the particular conditions in the world of luxury;
> Enhance the image of your home by a unique vision, innovative and coherent;
> Redefining the brand as the most valuable part of your home and ensure the sustainability of your home.

Branding and e-reputation in Luxury

Branding is the mirror of the brand in the minds of clients. It is essential to understand the online reputation of the phenomenon to better manage the image of your house on the new communication platforms. The luxury sector has long been reluctant to convert to digital, anxious to preserve a tradition of image and history. But in recent years there has been a progression and an opening to digital, even in old houses. Luxury adapts slowly to the phenomenon of e-reputation, particularly in order to win and retain an increasingly young and international clientele. Branding through digital tools (internet, mobile and smartphones, social networks) and will increase its visibility and increase your sales performance, by valuing your brand.

The objectives of this training are:
> Understanding Digital Marketing applied to luxury;
> Enhance the image of your home through a cross and innovative digital strategy and a "story telling" optimized;
> Measure and protecting the online reputation of your house.

The new operational marketing techniques in the High-end and Luxury sectors

High end and Luxury sectors must continuously innovate and implement actions to attract new clients, younger and / or more demanding. First it is important to understand and establish the concept of operational marketing in the luxury and the resulting actions. In a second step, we must strengthen the emotional connection with clients, which will attract new clients. It should also boost the brand image of your home so that there is full consistency with your strategy. This way, your operational actions adapted and customized ensure the sustainability of your business. At the end of this training, you will have the ability to: > Use of new innovative techniques to capture and retain an increasingly demanding clientele; > Optimize and customize the customer experience according to your various clients and your business strategy; > Increase the visibility of your brand to promote your brand and increase your sales.

Luxury hospitality and hotel marketing

The hospitality industry is particularly dynamic and faces new players and new strategies. The training provides initially a panorama of the luxury hospitality and hotel marketing to enhance your knowledge of the sector, in France and abroad, but also the importance of French expertise and thus enhance your supply and the image of your establishment. It is indeed crucial to support a real experience to your client by offering a real personalization of the offer. This will allow you in a second time to analyze new types of hotels and business partners, as well as mutations in the luxury hospitality. Finally, in a third step, you can enrich your offer and optimize the marketing strategy of your home and thus enhance the image through targeted and innovative actions, rich in emotions and that will always surprise your clients.

At the end of this course, you'll be able to:
> Submit an offer optimized in line with the expertise of your home;
> Promote your brand through customer experience and loyalty;
> Attract new clients through innovative marketing actions.

The art of written communication in Luxury
Writing is a precious and ancient art that allows today to convey a certain image. Written communication is actually capital in the luxury sector. It is important to know the salutations and politeness adapted to this world in order to communicate with your clients. Written communication transmits a consistent image in all your mail and paper mail, to be in line with the paper and digital media of your house and finally to properly use the rules of politeness and abbreviation that are coded in this sector.

The objective of this course is twofold:
> Discover the must of communication through concrete examples of luxury;
> Understanding the impact of a uniform written communication in all communication media.