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The Recruiting

Within our enterprise, we believe that the team selection process is one of the most important steps for the business growth. Additionally, your business growth and development go hand in hand with the process of client attraction and loyalty of potentials. Phenix Influence is aware of that fact and offer you accomplish this challenge. Our consultants take into account every your need, whether nationally or internationally, and are eager to prepare you for your interview process. The process of recruiting is a costly and time costuming. On the basis of audit human strength within your company, Phenix Influence detects the potential and assures an indispensable training. In the case of special requests, our team is ready to implement an external recruitment process. By considering of our reached experience within recruiting and by the following manager´s requirements, Phneix influence is able to accompany every candidate and so help you reach the desired job. This is also a reason why our offers are respectively tailored to each case..