Phenix influence / Our offer

Phenix Influence proposed you to redefine the strategy of your enterprise according to your needs, to underline your results and key factors of success. and offers you an answer through “tailor-made” solutions
In case of additional recruitment requests, we are able to customize a dynamic package with our 100% guarantee satisfaction.

Phenix influence proposes personalized “Skill Assessment”; personalized accompanying, coaching as well as real expert assessment in personal development. We guarantee professional trainings matching your business field and that are beneficial as for your team as well as for your core business. All on the basis of 10 years old experiences, with a purpose to evolve highly profitable and customized training.

Our consultants take into account every your need, whether nationally or internationally, and are eager to prepare you for your interview process. The process of recruiting is a costly and time costuming. On the basis of audit human strength within your company, Phenix Influence detects the potential and assures an indispensable training.

Phenix influence offers personal development by starting with a wide range of psychological support going through complete relooking and finishing by fitness coaching, always accompanied by one of our personal coaches. Our main purpose is clear; help you grow as a conscious human being and find out a perfect harmony in respect of your own personality.