Consulting enterprise / Our expertise


Business strategy

Phenix Influence proposed you to redefine the strategy of your enterprise according to your needs that are treated in the most professional way until a tailor-made solution is provided. According to our audit procedure and the goal analysis, whether economic, competitive or strategic, we develop a plan of action and consequently prepare a substantiated and costed draft.

Phenix Influence meets different business needs:
create; reorganize or optimize a department; deal with a crisis situation; develop already existing market or market that you would like to penetrate and where you could implement and development your strategy; get to know your clients; analyze your competitive environment; define your market positioning…


The mystery shopping / Audit retail

Get to know the strengths and weakness of your company has become a key factor to foster customer loyalty and so guarantee stability of your enterprise. Our mystery shopping will allow you to improve not only quality of your service but also to increase your sales. Thanks to this action you will have an opportunity to have a clear vision about the perception of your clients. Through understanding of experiences lived by your client, you can easily meet their needs and expectations in the most efficient way.
Based on this information Phenix Influence proposes a personalized service which lies in the unique, flexibility and results orientation competency. Our mystery shoppers are specially formatted for every mission in order to anonymously evaluate customer service, operations, business integrity, merchandising and product quality. This service is organized in 3 different ways and so by telephone, by internet or by the most efficient action; directly on the place (surface). We evaluate the interaction between our mystery shoppers and field teams through scenarios and questionnaires that are always designed with your assistance.
Phenix influence proposes you to underline your results and key factors of success. After a mystery shopping, the obtained data will be analyzed, adjusted and implemented to your business strategy. In order to affect and improve the customer experiences, Phenix Influence offers training adapted to your business and so teaches your employees how to play the trump card.


Marketing development and communication

“Everything is communication: it is impossible not to communicate” Gregory Bateson
This quote meets the importance of communication and especially in this era of “ultra connection”. Phenix influences offers you an answer through “tailor-made” solutions :
> learn how to highlight your product or service, give them the real credibility and so to gain competitive advantage,
> understand the rules and the mechanism of corporate communication,
> know how to implement a marketing strategy following the digital platform,
> develop the social networks in order to manage the best visibility,
> learn how to communicate with client and so to create a unique relationship.