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Style and personal development

Sometimes, by opening a new door, we need to get a new life opportunity and reach new perspective goals that even yesterday seemed to be unreal. Phenix influence offers personal development by starting with a wide range of psychological support going through complete relooking and finishing by fitness coaching, always accompanied by one of our personal coaches. Our main purpose is clear; help you grow as a conscious human being.
Whether you are employed or job seeking, sometimes it´s indispensable to deal with an issue: the career stagnation. The ability to become involved in a professional activity or to reach your goals, doesn´t depend only on your skills and knowledge. Sometimes we are anchored in conflicts, overwhelmed by obsessive thoughts or we face a difficult transition period within life (layoffs, divorce, grief…). The repeating feeling of failure, incompetence or weakness also has an impact on your professional way of success.
Phenix Influence is at your disposal to apply its experience and knowledge at your service and professionally guide you by using various codes of fashion and luxury. Our main purpose is to find out a perfect harmony in respect of your own personality.