PHENIX INFLUENCE is a consulting enterprise
for recruitment and training in the luxury trades

Who we are ?

Consulting enterprise

Phenix Influence proposed you to redefine the strategy of your enterprise according to your needs.


Phenix Influence detects the potential and assures an indispensable training.

Training catalog

Phenix Influence offers original, innovative and relevant programs.

Coaching & Personal development

Sometimes, by opening a new door, to get a new life opportunity and reach new perspective goals that even yesterday seemed to be unreal.

PHENIX INFLUENCE is a consulting enterprise
for recruitment and training in the luxury trades


Phenix Influence is a consulting enterprise that provides professional advice and assistance within business strategy, recruiting, training, marketing and communication. Phenix Influence meets your needs, whether you are a professional or an individual, within the fields of Luxury, Fashion, Selective Retailing, Sport and Hospitality.


Phenix Influence has become an honored business partner, based on a real alternative of consulting and traditional recruiting agency. Thanks to our flexible and powerful structure, nowadays, we are able to deal with extremely competitive environment and respond to all types of interventions.


Le Club Phenix Influence is a selective Business Club, designed to connect its members in a context of relaxation, culture and shared interests, in order to allow them to create new friendly and professional ties.


Find all our interviews to highlight the key values ​​and secrets of leaders in the fields of Luxury, Fashion, Hotel and Tourism. We will present you a personality recognized by his peers and which represents a certain idea of ​​success in France or outside our borders.


The Luxuryskills blog is your luxury newspaper to know the latest trends of luxury brands, learn about the luxury sector and develop its skills.